About us

“B&H is a USA (American) and Chinese private investors Company
with its Head Office registered in Saudi Arabia”

Investor | Developer | Builder

Our products are widely applied in over 40 countries and regions in five continents and the excellent projects are praised by the world.

Manufacturing Company

Our company has premium qualification in steel structure manufacture & among the Top 500 Enterprises Of Chinese private manufacturing companies...

Engineering Consultant

Our company is with strong technical strength, complete professional facilities, possessing advanced design level and management system...


Our company contracted to build numerous super large, super long and super large-span projects involving industries such as shipyards...

Exquisite Technologies

Our company has been recognized by numerous customers with its exquisite technologies and excellent quality...

Industrial Plants

Our company has contracted to build numerous building projects successively such as India Reliance company, Aktogay Copper project in Kazakhstan...

Our Partner | Kling Consult

Our subsidiaries, associates, affiliates and partners are global including but not limited to USA, China, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, GCC and many other countries worldwide.

More than 30 specifications

With 360 technical patents

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SAIC Chery Automobile
SAIC Chery Automobile
Hangzhou International Expo Center
Hangzhou International Expo Center
New Century Global Center
New Century Global Center
Holy Land & Intercontinental Hotel
Holy Land Intercontinental Hotel
Qinzhou Stadium
Qinzhou Stadium
Ghuangzhou Asean Games Stadium 01
Ghuangzhou Asean Games Stadium
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